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2011学年广州市高三英语词汇竞赛题(附答案)           ★★★★
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完成时间:40-45分钟 满分:100分

第一卷 (满分40

一、选择最佳答案 (1x40=40)

1. The old man speaks with a strong French __________.

A. accent B. dialect C. tone D. voice

2. — In this day and age, women can have children and jobs as well.

— I can’t agree more. It’s great to have the two __________.

A. linked B. related C. connected D. combined

3. The school sports meeting has to be __________ on account of the rain and we all feel very disappointed.

A. called back B. called forth C. called off D. called in

4. The thief _________ the handbag out of my hand and ran away.

A. moved B. held C. robbed D. snatched

5. We are confident that we can __________ the work without his assistance.

A. carry over B. carry on C. carry away D. carry off

6. Please drive the car at a ________ speed. You see, on the car sit the aged people.

A. constant B. continuous C. consistent D. continual

7. That building is now ________ because all the others like it were destroyed in the war.

A. separate B. single C. individual D. unique

8. —Do you have enough to __________ all your daily expenses?

—Oh yes, enough and some to spare.

A. spend B. cover C. fill D. offer

9. The police searched the house ___________ in order to find the suspect.

A. actually B. fully C. thoroughly D. wholly

10. In the course of the experiments, they __________ a series of new problems.

A. came out B. came across C. came to D. came forward

11. The speaker talked about sports in general and about football _________.

A. in conclusion B. in brief C. in particular D. in consequence

12. It is hard for me to _________ the meaning of the poem.

A. make up B. make off C. make up for D. make out

13. John _________ tennis while his wife is crazy about painting and sculpture.

A. goes for B. goes in for C. goes into D. goes up with

14. The boy walked on tiptoe because he was _______ to wake his father.

A. scared B. feared C. afraid D. frightened

15. This porridge is too _______. Please cook with less water next time.

A. thin B. slender C. slim D. narrow

16. I can’t follow your advice. _______, thank you for giving it.

A. Anyhow B. Otherwise C. Thus D. Furthermore

17. Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise. __________, our minds are developed by learning.

A. Probably B. Likely C. Similarly D. Generally

18. Compared with his sister, Jerry is even more __________ to, and more easily troubled by, emotional and relationship problems.

A. skeptical B. addicted C. available D. sensitive

19. Some leather products are very expensive because they are produced at a high _______.

A. quality B. expense C. price D. cost

20. I should like to rent a house that is modern, comfortable and ________ in a quiet neighborhood.

A. all in all B. above all C. after all D. over all

21. Over a third of the population were estimated to have no _________ to health service.

A. assessment B. assignment C. exception D. access

22. The _________ amount of money was not known though they knew that it was large.

A. real B. actual C. true D. genuine

23. Sam __________ some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it.

A. picked up B. brought up C. looked up D. set up

24. Nothing can _____ airplanes for speed and comfort.

A. equal to B. compare to C. match D. defeat

25. The hotel ________ $70 dollars for a single room with bath.

A. claims B. demands C. prices D. charges

26. The naughty boy broke my vase __________, so I didn’t scold him.

A. occasionally B. accidentally C. eventually D. actually

27. A long-term study ______ by the medical school shows that babies of smoking mothers will be less healthy than those of nonsmoking mothers.

A. performed B. withdrawn C. conducted D. managed

28. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully ________.

A. admitted B. considered C. acknowledged D. absorbed

29. To make sure that relics in the museum are well-preserved, Tibet’s cultural preservation institutions have __________ modern technologies to monitor the conditions of the relics.

A. applied B. appointed C. adapted D. accustomed

30. Some developed countries are trying to __________ the serious problems resulting from the energy crisis.

A. step up B. end up C. cut off D. cope with

31. These apples are sold _____ the dozen.

A. in B. with C. from D. by

32. You have to be a fairly good speaker to __________ listeners’ interest for over an hour.

A. hold B. make C. improve D. receive

33. We will go to the airport to __________ him __________ tomorrow.

A. see…over B. see… off C. send…out D. see… to

34. All students were excited at the ______ of a weekend sports competition.

A. thought B. opinion C. view D. time

35. We tried to call you last night, but the line was so busy that we couldn’t __________.

A. go through B. run through C. get through D. carry through

36. From a long-term point of view, it is time for us to ____ solving this problem.

A. set out B. set forward C. set about D. set back

37. When I took her temperature, it was three degrees above _____.

A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal

38. The school committee naturally hopes that the new course project will be _____ with the school and parents.

A. popular B. favorable C. pleased D. content

39. The university is __________ number one in the field of engineering.

A. ranged B. ranked C. listed D. lined

40. A love marriage does not necessarily ___________ much sharing of interests and hobbies.

A. take over B. result from C. hold on D. keep to

第二卷 (满分60分)



1. People hold different a__________ toward 3G technology. What do you think of it?

2. Due to the loud noises from the neighborhood, he could not c________ his mind on his books.

3. We are going to Shanghai next week and I have f__________ out how much the trip will cost.

4. In the old days, a number of women were forced to make a c__________ between family and career.

5. After its publication, the book’s ideas created a h_______ debate among scholars.

6. Having seen the comedy, I remind myself that l__________ is better than tears.

7. We should attach the importance to e__________ protection and saving our earth.

8. Unless action is taken i__________, the whole world will be dead by the year 2020.

9. As a saying goes, “ h__________ is the best policy.” So each of us should not tell lies.

10. She was deeply d__________ at losing the 100-metre race.


1. He is warm-hearted, so it is easy for him to __________ his classmates.(与……相处好)

2. I __________ the department store when the telephone rang.(正要离开)

3. He __________(被高度评价)because of his great achievements.

4. Who is __________(主管)his class?

5. There is no doubt that these students have __________ in English.(进步很快)

6. He has been living in the town for ten years so he __________(熟悉)everyone there.

7. People carried yellow flowers to the monument __________(为了纪念)those dead in the war.

8. After __________(定居下来), they started to grow corn and wheat.

9. It would be difficult to find a man to __________(代替)the secretary.

10. It’s an easy job. It won’t __________(占用)much of your time.

11. He studies harder than before __________(希望)entering a key university.

12. He __________(养成……的习惯)drinking a glass of wine before bedtime.

13. It never ____________ (想到、发生) me that I had wronged him until that moment.

14. I set down the message in my notebook __________(以防万一)I forgot it.

15. English became the official language for business __________(虽然;尽管)the fact that the population was largely Chinese.

三、用所给词的正确形式完成句子 (1x15=15)

1. We are willing to pay an __________ (addition) fee for immediate delivery.

2. All the decks of the ships had been __________ (strong) to bear the extra load.

3. We had __________ (limit) communion with the natives, which was quite disturbing.

4. Older people may seek their own friends rather than become too emotionally __________ (depend) on their children.

5. They were waiting for me to discover the __________ (true).

6. After hearing that I worked for a Geology team, my friends and relations would ask me __________ (repeat) “What do your colleagues and you do every day?

7. J.K. Rowling is an __________ (imagine) writer, whose novels are very popular all over the world.

8. No one can enter the room without my _____________ (permit).

9. All the __________ (apply) for the job should fill in the form before the interview.

10. If our __________ (produce) is properly marketed, it should sell very well.

11. It won’t make much __________ (differ) whether you can finish the job within an hour or not.

12. With a smile of __________ (satisfy), he nodded to all of the students present.

13. Don’t waste the time. That is a separate issue and __________ (relevant) to our discussion.

14. A wise man can judge the advantages of the matter __________ (reason).

15. He wore a ___________(pain) expression on his face because he had his leg broken.

四、根据首字母或所给的中文填空,使篇章意思完整 (1x20=20)

( A )

With the development of the society, the world population is rising so quickly that every country has to expand agriculture production to 1 (养活) the growing population. Thus more and more trees are being cut down and much of the forest has been d 2 . Animals have lost their habitats and many of them are even in the danger of dying out. Natural r 3 have almost been used up to meet the i 4 (日益增长的)demands of human beings.

If we continue to do this, life on earth cannot s 5 any longer. So action must be

t 6 immediately to protect wildlife and maintain the b 7 of nature. 8 (幸运地;幸好), governments of many countries have taken some e 9 measures and established relevant laws to protect wildlife. And for every one of us, we should also take the 10 (责任)to protect the planet we are living on.

( B )

It is hardly surprising that clothing manufacturers follow certain uniform standards for v 11 features of clothes. What seems strange, however, is that the standard adopted for women is

o 12 to the one for men. Take a look at the way your clothes button. Men’s clothes

t 13 (倾向) to button from the right, and women’s from the left. C 14 that most of the world’s population --- men and women --- are right-handed, the men’s standard would

a 15 (似乎) to make more sense for women.

So why do women’s clothes button from the left? It is history that really seems to 16 (关乎紧要) here.

Buttons first appeared only on the clothes of the rich in the 17th c 17 , when rich women were d 18 by servants. For the mostly right-handed servants, having women’s shirts button from the left would be e 19 . On the other hand, having men’s shirts button from the right made sense, too. Most men dressed themselves, and a sword drawn from the left with the right hand would be less l 20 to get caught in the shirt.


广州市2011学年高三年级英语词汇竞赛 答卷

学校 ___________ 班级 ______ 姓名 __________ 成绩 _____



(一) 根据情景,完成下面的单词,并使句子的意思完整。 1x10=10

1. _______________

2. _______________

3. _______________

4. _______________

5. _______________

6. _______________

7. _______________

8. _______________

9. _______________

10. ______________


1. ________________________________

2. ________________________________

3. ________________________________

4. ________________________________

5. ________________________________

6. ________________________________

7. ________________________________

8. ________________________________

9. ________________________________

10. _______________________________

11. _______________________________

12. _______________________________

13. _______________________________

14. _______________________________

15. _______________________________


1. _____________________

2. _____________________

3. _____________________

4. _____________________

5. _____________________

6. _____________________

7. _____________________

8. _____________________

9. _____________________

10. ____________________

11. ____________________

12. ____________________

13. ____________________

14. ____________________

15. ____________________

四、根据首字母或所给的中文填空,使篇章意思完整。 (1x20=20%)

( A )

1. _____________________

2. _____________________

3. _____________________

4. _____________________

5. _____________________

6. _____________________

7. _____________________

8. _____________________

9. _____________________

10. ____________________


11. ____________________

12. ____________________

13. ____________________

14. ____________________

15. ____________________

16. ____________________

17. ____________________

18. ____________________

19. ____________________

20. ____________________


第一卷 (满分40分)

一、选择最佳答案 (1x40=40)



第二卷 (满分60分)



1. attitudes 2. concentrate 3. figured 4. choice 5. heated

6. laughter 7. environmental 8. immediately/ instantly 9. honesty 10. disappointed

(二) 根据情景和括号内的中文,写出相应的词或短语,并使句子意思完整 (1x15=15)

1. get along well with 2. was about to leave / was on the point of leaving

3. was thought highly of 4. in charge of 5. made rapid progress

6. is familiar with 7. in memory of 8. settling down

9. take the place of / replace 10. take up 11. in the hope of

12. has developed / formed a habit of 13. occurred to

14. in case (that) 15. in spite of / despite

三、用所给词的正确形式完成句子 (1x15=15)

1. additional 2. strengthened 3. limited 4. dependent 5. truth

6. repeatedly 7. imaginative 8. permission 9. applicants 10. product

11. difference 12. satisfaction 13. irrelevant 14. reasonably 15. painful

四、根据首字母或所给的中文填空,使篇章意思完整 (1x20=20)

(A) 1. feed / support 2. destroyed 3. resources 4. increasing 5. survive

6. taken 7. balance /beauty 8. Fortunately / Luckily

9. effective / excellent /extreme 10. responsibility

(B) 11. various 12. opposite 13. tend 14. Considering 15. appear

16. matter 17. century 18. dressed 19. easier 20. likely

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